People That Supported Me!

Before you read anything about me you have to check out the people that supported me and helped me along the way.

  • T0w3ntuM - The first of two mentors that I ever had who showed me “de wey”
  • Ch33z_plz - Literally paid for some of my lab time and an exam attempt
  • Wraiith75 - My dude Wraiittthhhhh… Basically family…His casa was mi casa
  • Jibblits - Talk to this guy everyday bout life and things; we motivate each other
  • 0xc0ffee - When I was feeling like an impostor this guy set me right

Work Peeps that helped me

  • N00py - Got my internal game ⬆⬆⬆
  • The Diamond Clad - My cell mate that listens to me rant about how everyone is a Vegan for hours on end and does cool web app things
  • Radio Boy - Completely renovated the way I hack post OSCP
  • Krav - For ruining my mind
  • DP - First manager that showed me how to be a consultant

Self Dox:

Hi, my name is Nate Curry and I began my OSCP journey several years ago. My first legitimate exposure to hacking 💻, outside of using Metasploit to send a MS08_netapi payload at a host running SMB on port 445, was through someone I met on reddit. I was soon shown the ropes and introduced to the "Mount Kilimanjaro" of hacking: The OSCP.

Having started hacking with virtually NO Linux exposure, I endured a lot of "pain" and "sufferance" as it took a long time for me to learn enough to defeat the OSCP exam! Now, that I stand at the top of the mountain I (figuratively speaking) wish to throw the rope to the rest of you all on the climb and speak about my transition into pentesting!

As of Sept 2018 I am now a full time pentester!

Twitter! Twitter

James Kettle did NOT want to take this picture with me at Defcon 27…