Whether you are in preparation for your lab time to begin or you just want to get a feel for what exam day will be like, I’ve put together a few practice exams for future OSCP students to take. These boxes should be comprehensive enough to cover many of the basics that you will face in the labs. All of these boxes will have write-ups available for you to review AFTER your exam time has ended. It is imperative that you do not read these during your practice exam (no matter what) because this will completely destroy all of the mental elements of the exam that you will need to overcome. If you find yourself stuck and the feeling of helplessness starts to creep in, you’re doing it right!

After the exam I encourage you to read the write-ups to see if there are other attack vectors that you missed and to review any boxes that you were unable to compromise. Learn from your mistakes and retry. At the end of this exam, whether you pass or fail, you will have gained knowledge that will be applicable during your lab time and have had an experience that will prepare you mentally for the exam.



TLDR’ers Start here 

  • Schedule a set time for when you would like your 24 hour period to begin
  • Follow the OSCP guidelines here on Metasploit usage and other rules you will encounter on the actual exam to best replicate the real conditions
  • The boxes have points associated to each on a scale of 1-10. The passing score will be 7 out of 10 points
  • As you boot the machines resist the temptation of watching them boot as some of the Vulnhub machines in this practice exam reveal which boxes they are during the boot-up sequences as well as on the login screens
  • Do not read the text file named “Box Names” until you are ready to read the write-ups for each machine
    • The “Box_Names.txt” file will reveal which practice machine correlates to which Vulhub machine
  • This practice exam is very easy to cheat on but try your best not give yourself hints for your own sake
  • Once you are finished, feel free to do a write-up on your own and post it to your own blogs
    • Feel free to link it in the comments
  • Have fun!

Download the following zip archive below to download your exam attempt:

Exam Attempt 1 UPDATED (Aug 3, 2018) to redact file names and fix errors!

Exam Attempt 1

*I need to add attempt 2, been learning webapp stuff*




If you have a discord account hop into the RedSec channel. There are TONS of helpful pentesters who are willing to help you in this channel. If you’re looking for a mentor I would advise you to start looking here!



Please Note: This exam is nothing more than Vulnhub boxes collected into a zip file with the file names changed to create a black box environment. No privileged Offensive Security exam details are disclosed in this exam.

OSCP – How to Know When You’re Ready to Take the Exam

Read Time: 15 minutes 🥚

If you’ve taken the red pill and decided to begin your journey towards the OSCP certification you will likely come to a point  where you begin to wonder if you are ready to take/pass the exam. This article will serve as a guide in helping you determine just that. Let’s begin!

TLDR’ers Start Here

  1.  You’ve have most of the public network rooted:
    • If you have about 60% of the public network rooted I would say that is a good time to start thinking about taking the exam. This is especially true if you have one or two of the “mammoths” rooted such as pain, gh0st, or humble/sufferance. Of course I can’t say whether or not you will pass with that level of progress in the labs, however, I do think you have a good fighting chance at 60%.

  2. You HAVEN’T been using Metasploit:
    • If you have achieved the first list item without the use of that nasty Metasploit (lol, I promise I don’t hate Metasploit ) then you should be proficient enough at identifying & exploiting vulnerabilities come exam time.

  3. The course materials become review material rater than new information
    • If you find yourself pwning boxes in the labs without ever needing to look at the course materials or you find yourself only referring to the PDF for syntax reasons, this is also a good indicator that you have mastered the techniques necessary to pass the exam.

  4. When you have a comprehensive and routine methodology:
    • New box? Time to: Nmap Nikto Dirb Enumerate Services Open site in browser …Wash, rinse, repeat
    • Once you have developed a solid workflow that you are comfortable with, this too, is an indicator that you are ready to pass the exam.

  5. You are comfortable with the buffer overflow process:
    • A basic buffer overflow in which you are given a proof of concept should only take you about 30-45 minutes to complete.
    • For this too, list item 4 still applies. Doing them should be simply walking through steps one by one.
    • (Not disclosing if BOF will be on the exam but….enumerate!!)

  6. You have an exam strategy! VERY IMPORTANT 😲😲
    • You need 70 points to pass the exam. Hear me closely: I am not allowed to tell you the values of the machines that are allocated to each system on the exam, however, with a little bit of enumeration that information can be discovered quite easily unfortunately (it is privileged information).
    • Do some math  and figure out what you need to do in order to get a passing grade. I repeat: Use math to figure out what you need to do to get a passing grade and do that come exam time!

TLDR’ers End Here

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