I chose to do this write-up on LazySysAdmin because it is a good box for potential OSCP students to start out on and something that every OSCP pentester and every current OSCP (PWK) student that is ready to take the exam should be able to do without using a walk-through. This box should take 6 hours or less if you do not experience any hang ups or interruptions.

Download LazySysAdmin Here!

NMAP Enumeration

My first initial NMAP scan I did a service scan on all 65535 ports. I usually port scan in two steps; First finding all ports that are open and then running a service scan against only the open ports in order to save time during the reconnaissance phase.


Nmap Service Scan against all ports


Nmap Scan Results

Web Enumeration

To start my web enumeration I began with a basic Nikto scan of the target machine. In doing so reveals several notable webpages to investigate further.


Basic Nikto Web Scan


Scan Detected 2 Notable Webpages

We will note these pages for further enumeration.


Having discovered that a possible WordPress site was running on the target machine, wpscan was used immediately after the web-scan completed. The user Admin was discovered.


Command used to enumerate wordpress users


User enumerated using the “–enumerate u” flag

SMB Enumeration

To begin SMB enumeration, enum4linux was used for the initial scan. The scan results revealed several shares that could be connected to using the smbclient. Using information that was gathered from the initial SMB enumeration via enum4linx along with the username discovered during the wpscan, allowed for a precise SMB connection using the smbclient, to be made.


Enum4linux Share Details


Connecting to the interactive share via the smbclient

Having connected to the SMB share named share$, allowed for the wp-config file and several other files containing passwords to be retrieved.

The /wordpress/wp-config file revealed to following username and password combination:


The deets.txt file revealed to following password:


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